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Bespoke rings are designed using CAD software which allows a CAD designer to create a 3D scale of your ring and print a wax.

Step 1: You discuss your vision for your ring with us and then we show you a series of computer-generated images of your design.

Step 2: Once you are happy a wax prototype is then produced for you to see. At this point, you can still make minor changes to your design.

Step 3: Your ring is then manufactured in the metal of your choice and made ready to wear.

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CAD allows you full controllability over every aspect of your ring. CAD allows us to design a ring catered specifically for your budget. This is down to the technology that utilises computer-generated images, this helps you visualise the product before it is made!


Select your type:

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You are presented with so much information to consider that you feel like there are too many choices to make. You want to see the end product and try it on for yourself before you can make a final decision.

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Sitting down with a designer will allow you to hear their professional advice and come to a decision. We can manufacture a rapid prototype in silver with cubic zirconia so that you can be sure that the design you are selecting is what you want.

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You have a clear vision of what you are after or have seen a ring which has inspired you.

How will bespoke help the inspired client?

We can materialize your vision of your ring according to your specific design requirements. We can produce a ring based on your inspiration.

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You don’t know where to start and you don’t know what you want.

How will bespoke help the overwhelmed client?

The designer will create the core design in which you can add or remove extra components and features.

Within the design process, we provide comprehensive communication, which will make you feel relaxed and at ease with the choices you make.

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You have a specific budget which must be kept to.

How will bespoke help the price conscious client?

Your budget is as important to us as it is to you. This is why we will tailor the materials which your ring is made from to suit your budget without compromising your design.

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